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ceragem master v3

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ceragem master v3

The CERAGEM Master V3 Automatic Thermal Massage Bed is a FDA approved medical device that provides a fully customized massage by initially scanning the length and curvature of your unique spine in order to target specific acupressure points along your back. The 12 pre-programmed modes with 6 varying levels of intensities assures that you’ll get a perfect massage each and every time you use the CERAGEM Master V3. The topical radiant infrared heat provides relaxation by delivering heat and a soothing massage that relieves muscle and joint stiffness, relieves arthritis pain, and increases blood circulation where applied. An integrated MP3 player with embedded speakers provides music therapy in a new compact sleek design that’s sure to relax your body and mind for you and the entire family.

Improve the quality of your life with the smart space-saving medical device that brings practicality and functionality for you and the entire family.

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The internal projector, while moving along the body from head to pelvis, measures the length of your spine and the degree of your spinal curva ture to suggest a massage that best-accommodates your body.

The APMS that automatically accommodates each user's spinal curvature also offers the 6 levels of intensity control so that you can choose the intensity of massage you want.

The CERAGEM Master V3 offers you 12 massage programs to choose from, based on alternative medicine. Select the one that suits you best.

The CERAGEM Master V3 features a slide-in bed that ensures minimum space usage, and an overall design that fits well with your living room, bedroom, study.

CERAGEM Sound is a healing approach created by CERAGEM and a type of music therapy aiming at stress relief and relaxation.

What are the benefits of

ceragem master v3

Running between the cervical vertebrae and coccygeal vertebrae, the internal projector stimulates points along the spine that vary from person to person, specifically the pressure points in the muscles on the sides of each vertebra. This revolutionary feature helps ensure greater comfort and efficacy during the massage.

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