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Regardless of the client’s medical condition, as some cases vary from mild to severe, every client is strongly suggested to refer to their physician before product use to avoid any injury or damages.

Press the temperature button, the screen should display all the heating components:

Unit Components:

Rollers 0° – 149°

A- Mat/ Back Mat 0° – 140°

Sub-Mat/ Auxiliary Mat: 0° – 149°


3- Bulb Heat targeted projector: 140°

9- Bulb Heat targeted projector: 140°

When these accessories are correctly connected they will appear on the remote controls, left hand side of the silhouette.

If these accessories are not responding, please check the connection cable

3- Bulb heat targeted projector: Heats from 0° – 140°

9- Bulb abdominal projector: Heats from 0° – 140°

Vibration 2 modes: Low – High

If an unknown code is displayed on the remote control, please power off and unplug the main unit for 10 seconds. When the power is returned to the unit, it should resume normal operations.

If code reappears after reset, please take a photo of the error code and contact customer service for further instructions.

The USB was designed to transfer music from an electronic device to the speakers on the unit.

Please note: The USB port is not designed to charge any electronic device.

The unit does have internal machinery that will produce/create mechanical sounds while the product is in use. When the rollers are moved by any mode, a “CLICK” sound will be heard, this is the safety gear switching for operation.

Modes (A. Standard) through mode (11. Meditation Stable) are preprogrammed massage modes. The rollers have been coded to move in a certain sequence. The rollers can only be moved on command in modes: Semi-Auto Master/ Semi-Auto/ Manual Master/ Semi-Manual

If the unit is fully collapsed only the heating function will be available. The remote will only display the sub-mat/auxiliary mat, and the temperature settings.

If the unit is not fully extended, only the heating function for the sub-mat/auxiliary mat will be available. If the symptom persists after confirming the sub-mat is extended, please contact us for after service.

Please confirm the power cord is securely connected. To the left of the cord outlet, there is a master power switch. Please confirm the switch is in “ON” position, when correctly powered on the remote on control will display a white light on either side of the remote.

When you select the third button, in the first row, you will see the remote screen will cycle through a list of options modes (A. Standard) through mode (11. Meditation Stable) will be displayed on the remote control on the right hand side next to the silhouette.

When you select the thermometer icon, the remote control will display a list of all heating components. The first number displayed will be the live and current temperature (72°), when it is highlighted, it will show the desired temperature setting (125°) all heating sections will perform the same function.

The button on the right side of the arrows, is to control the intensity of the unit. The main unit and the 9-bulb abdominal projector are the only components that offer intensity control. The main unit will offer intensity levels (1-9) and while the abdominal projector will only offer modes (1-2) low or high

If you are having your massage and feel like it is not going quite as deep or applying enough pressure please raise the intensity level. Intensity level 1 is the most gentle while level 9 is the most intense.

The shortest massage mode available on the MASTER V4 is Mode 10 Meditation relax 18’ 00” and Mode 2 Relax Mode 18’ 00”

The longest massage modes the MASTER V4 offers are mode 1. Special 75’ 00”, as well as Intensive mode 90’ 00”

The first button, in the second row (below the power button) is the mode setting for Manual master/ manual mode. The bed will announce which mode you are cycling through at the time of switch. Manual Mode will perform a massage at the designated areas without executing a prior spinal scan. Manual Master Mode will allow the user to select certain spinal sections such as Cervical (C1- C5) or Thoracic (T7 -T12)

The third button, in the second row (below the modes cycle button) is the mode for setting Semi-auto master/ semi- auto mode. Semi-Auto mode will perform a massage at the designated area without the prior scan. The semi-auto master mode will perform a massage at the desired spots after performing a spinal scan.

The second button, in the second row (below the pause/play) will activate the intensive mode. Settle down with your favorite settings /temperatures, intensity levels and music. This mode is 90’ 00” long for a deep massage.


You can select the sound icon on the bottom right hand corner of the remote control. This will open the sound feature, the volume can be controlled by repeatedly being pressed or using the arrows. You can also select the pause/play button located in the center of the row.

Ceragem MASTER V4 has 20 different musical tracks installed to enhance your experience. All songs are classical and play for the full length of your massage. You can access this by selecting the musical icon at the bottom left hand side of the remote control. This will grant the user the ability to change the tune. You can also select the pause/play button located in the center of the row.

When you select the abdominal projector on the left column, in the fourth row (under the thermometer icon) you will see the screen display the mode options 1-3 and to the right side of the pause/play button your will see the abdominal projector intensity levels, when pressed you can toggle between modes 1 and 2.

– Relief of minor and joint pain stiffness
– Reduces inflammation
– Increase blood circulation
– Relaxation of muscles

Please refer to the materials sent with your product or our youtube links. If you require further assistance or have further questions, please reach out to your seller to get more information.

YouTube Links

V6 Intro Video

V6 How-To-Use

V4 Intro Video

V4 How-To-Use

M2 Intro Video

– 1 Remote control
– 9- Bulb abdominal Projector
– 3- Bulb heat targeted projector
– 1 Velcro Cover
– 1 Total Dust Cover

The extended warranty will cover all costs from parts, to labor, to shipping. The client will only need to spare time for the exchange or repair through an appointment.

Since the rollers are the only part of the unit that heat up to 149° and the stone of the roller is a ceratonic material, when heated it will activate infrared rays that penetrate the body 14-15 cm into the skin.

Yes. I am still working on this.

No. The MASTER V4 has a standard set speed per a mode that is not customizable.

If you are experiencing any issues with your unit, please call us at (213)-480-7070

Check the proper connection of the power cable, power switch, and remote.

Complete the form to contact us regarding your concern: Support >> Contact Us.

If the auxiliary mat is not fully unfolded, only the heated sofa mode is activated. If the same symptom occurs after unfolding the auxiliary mat all the way, please contact us for A/S.

Press the temperature button on the remote control to select an item, and then use the up/down buttons to change the temperature.

Check if the abdominal vibrating device and the 3-prong device are properly connected. Check whether the abdominal vibrating device is played on the remote.

If the same diagnostic code is displayed even after turning the power switch off and on again after 5 seconds, be sure to write down the error code and contact customer service.

 It takes time for the product to recognize the USB, so please wait after confirming that it is connected correctly.

There may be some operating noises when the product is running. Rest assured that the “click” sound from the head is the safety switch operation sound.

It is possible to move the inner ceramic using the up and down buttons only in concentrated/semi-auto/manual mode.

Please check the condition of the auxiliary mat. If the auxiliary mat is not fully opened, some buttons on the remote control do not work.

Size and weight as below:

  • Product weight (including box weight): 141 LB
  • Product size
  • When unfolded: 27.5in X 80in X 80in (±0.40in)
  • When folded: 27.5in X 50in X 18in (±0.40in)

Because each cowhide absorbs dye differently, it is a natural characteristic of natural cowhide that the color is slightly different even for the same leather.

The sofa may experience some deformation after using it for a certain period of time.

Sofa leather stretches under heavy loads, but contracts when not sitting. Wrinkles that occur when the leather is stretched are characteristic of natural leather, and after the leather has been stretched to a certain extent, it will no longer be stretched.

The pattern, thickness, wrinkle, and color of cowhide are slightly different depending on the back and belly parts. The backskin is thick and patterned, while the belly skins are thin and soft on the back, with large and irregular patterns. This is a characteristic of natural cowhide that is not found in synthetic leather, so please use it with confidence.

In the case of the anti-fouling outer cloth for powder M2 only, it is possible to wash normally (100% polyester material) and purchase additionally. The outer fabric has a total of 9 colors and can be purchased at the official mall and directly managed stores.

In the case of a massage chair, the heating function can be used at 4 points in the waist and hip area, and the temperature can be adjusted in 3 steps (113°, 104°, 95°). Abdominal vibrating ceramics are also adjustable in temperature (140°, 122°, 104°) up to 3 levels.