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    For anyone who sits or stands all day long
  • experience8
    For anyone with aches and pains from cleaning and house chores
  • experience9
    For anyone suffering from “text neck”-neck pain from looking down at books or devices too often
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    For anyone struggling with muscle or back pain


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CERAGEM V3 Core features

  • core-feature7
    User body shape customization
  • core-feature8
    6-step intensity control
  • core-feature9
    12 compression stimulation programs
  • core-feature10
    Ceragem Sound
  • core-feature11
    Sliding design

Our product is FDA cleared

  • muscle-pain
    Relief of minor muscles & joint pain stiffness
  • increase-circulation
    Increase in local circulation
    where applies
  • relieve-pain
    Relief of minor joint pain
    Associated with arthritis
  • relax-muscle
    Relaxation of muscle

Explore its looks

The reason why Ceragem Master V3 is special!

The spine is a central organ in the body that not only supports the body, but also protects the spinal cord, which is connected to the nerves in our body. Ceragem Master V3 is a medical device approved by the Korea Medical Device Safety Information Service that provides intensive heat and compression stimulation to the spine .


Why is it a Spinal Thermal Medical Device?

The spine acts as the central pillar of the body, offering support and protection to the spinal cord, the primary communication pathway from your brain to the rest of your body. The CERAGEM V3 is a medical device approved by the Korea Medical Device Safety Information Service that provides intensive heat and compression stimulation to the spine .


Intensity control and compression stimulation program

Massage, Personalized

6-step intensity control
Users can choose from 6 levels of intensity to adjust massage strength-from gentle to robust-through the UP/DOWN adjustment of the internal projectors.
12 Massage options
Choreographed stimulation of the spine-[neck and cervical vertebrae], [back thoracic vertebrae], [lumbar vertebrae], and [pelvic sacral vertebrae]-are designed for the relief of muscle and joint pain.
Multi-Dimensional Massage
The ADVANCED PROJECTOR MOVING SYSTEM (AMPS) automatically adjusts in height to accommodate every user’s unique “spinal line”.
Allow sounds of nature, classical or functional music to accompany you on your journey of relaxation-made available through CERAGEM sound’s collection of 10 pre-installed audio pieces, or, users can add up to 100 tracks of their own choosing. [H/W configuration] 2 Way Speaker, earphone jack, MP3 control remote control (combined use), SD card are installed
3/9 External Heating Projectors
Users can use the two external heating projectors to provide direct heat to the area of their choice.
Convertible, Multi-Function Design
The V3’s patented sliding function facilitates easy conversion from a full-length massage bed to a discreet, space-conscious ottoman. It’s clean, modern, and sophisticated look will harmonize with your home’s living room, bedrooms, study.