A Thermal Massage Chair for Everyone

The CERAGEM M2 Arc Massage Chair’s alluring curves are only the beginning. Bring the essence of a relaxing massage into your home and allow yourself to pause in moments of serenity.
CERAGEM M2 thermal massage chair

Core Features of the CERAGEM M2

Vibrating abdominal massager with heat up to 140°F
Premium SL frame for a quiet design
Positioned at a 120° angle for optimal relaxation
Thermal care for an advanced massage
6 automatic modes to suit the user’s condition
Bluetooth speaker and USB port for convenience
Sensational design with the finest materials
massage experience

Create a Relaxation Routine with the CERAGEM M2

Make a daily appointment with your CERAGEM M2. Close your eyes and for a few brief moments, get whisked away to a more peaceful reality. The CERAGEM M2 is your daily rendezvous with tranquility. The more you use it, the more you’ll feel its value.

Premium SL Frame Creates a Personalized
Massage Experience for Each User

The Premium SL frame is designed to follow each user’s curves and the contours of your body to offer the most natural relaxation position to ensure a low noise experience during your massage.
CERAGEM M2 thermal care

Heated Features to Enhance Your Massage

The CERAGEM M2 provides a wide range of temperature control, allowing each user to customize a relaxing massage based upon their needs. The heated elements of the M2 create a more thorough and relaxing massage experience.

6 Automatic Massage Modes

The CERAGEM M2 comes with 6 different massage modes to suit each user’s unique needs. Customize your massage for a whole-body experience or focus your attention on specific trouble spots.
SPINAL CARE – from the neck to your legs.

A home-use device.

The CERAGEM M2 offers comfort and relaxation.

Premium Composition for Relaxation

Experience a relaxing vibrating massage with the CERAGEM M2. The backrest provides a nurturing massage from your neck to your waist, while the seat of the M2 delivers relaxation from your waist to your thighs. The CERAGEM M2 reclines to 120 degrees, offering an optimal position for relaxation.
CERAGEM M2 relaxation 1
CERAGEM M2 relaxation 2

Trendy Colors and Sensational Design

Made with the finest natural cowhide leather and fabric, the CERAGEM M2 is meticulously finished to fit beautifully into your home. For oatmeal beige to camel brown, to natural gray, you’re sure to find a finish that will compliment any room in your home!