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Independent Sales Agent

Independent Sales Agent

CERAGEM is seeking self motivated sales agents to lead the healthcare culture in the United States. As a global medical innovation company, CERAGEM offers new healthcare solutions that enable customers to receive professional medical services through collaboration with CERAGEM.

  • Flexible Schedule – We offer a flexible schedule. You can adjust your work hours to fit your personal needs, making it an ideal choice for part-time professionals.
  • Compensation Plan – Great compensation plan based on individual skills. This is a 1099 Commission only position.
  • Shared CERAGEM Showrooms (Brea Mall, Del Amo Fashion Center) – You can take advantage of our CERAGEM showrooms as a place for customers to experience and consult before purchasing our products.
  • Online/Offline Training for Healthcare Professionals – Our comprehensive training program helps you acquire the fundamental skills needed to become a successful sales agent. You can also receive online training from the comfort of your own home.
  • Streamlined Processes – Our sales support team provides simplified processes for online order management and customer relationship management, making it easy and convenient for you to conduct business.
  • Welcome to Experiences – We believe that varied experiences are not barriers to success. At CERAGEM, we welcome anyone with passion and drive to succeed in the health and wellness field.

Join CERAGEM and embark on a new and hopeful future. Reach us directly at ISA@ceragemus.com

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