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Patented Spinal Scan Technology

Everyone’s spine is different. CERAGEM’s patented SPINAL SCANNING technology analyzes and recognizes these differences to provide each user a customized massage, tailored to each unique body shape and “spinal line”.

By mapping spinal length, weight distribution, degree of spinal curvature and flexion, the CERAGAM V4 delivers a customized massage for everyone.

Adjustable Strength Control Multi-Dimensional Massage

Heated massage rollers automatically adjust in height to accommodate every user’s unique “spinal line” the degree of curvature and flexion of the user’s spine, weight distribution along the spine, and spinal length.

  • Intensity Control
  • Concentrated Heat
  • Heated Massager
  • Ceragem Sound
  • Voice Guidance
  • Easy Sliding
  • Voice Guidance

Video Testimonial


Christy L., Visited the Brea store

Feels good and relaxing. Definitely a great investment. It’s relaxing and a must for aches and pains

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Ruth G., Visited Del Amo store

Kiran and Jordan were very nice and professional! Explain the products thoroughly.  The flat bed scans your full body to shows where the tension are, and it will target those area!  The best feature is the heated massage on the body!  The leg compression and abdominal massage are the best combination, you have to experience it yourself!!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Maria R.

This place is too good to be true, but its true. They have expensive massage beds and chairs. The interior design is so calming. Everyone that works here is so incredibly nice and helpful. The tea i get is delicious. You can spend hours here. Its high end, relaxing, and comfortable to be at.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Amy M. Visited West Hollywood store

It’s an impressive showroom, the largest in the US. Got a quick session on the V6 bed (includes recovery boots). You can walk in or book a complimentary massage session 36-40 min to reserve your spot. The heated rollers that go up and down your spine will make you feel brand new.

While you’re there or waiting for coffee/tea you should try the luxurious massage chairs. My favorite is the D.Core chair which is a collaboration with another company. You’ll feel a lot of vibration and good pressure around your feet & calves & hands, not just your spine & sit bones. The Ceragem massage chair does the back of the scalp really well and has nice vibrations.

There is plenty of parking and I’ll be back to try the cafe items like the Korean teas.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Vanessa Green

Ceragem has saved and transformed my household. My husband and I took the financial leap to purchase the v6 soon after our newborn arrived as we realized our health still needed care/attention. Our necks and backs received daily relief from the countless hours of bending down to feed or look at our new baby. Previously we had existing needs for shoulder/back massages and therapies. So words cannot express how convenient it is to have a slice of paradise within our home to relax and refresh on the Ceragem. Definitely has and continues to exceed our expectations…worth every cent!

Rating: 5 out of 5.