A summer massage therapy message that says: Time to relax.

5 Summer Massage Therapy Tips to Try Out

Published: 6th Jul, 2023

Summer is the season that so many of us long for. But when the weather warms up, so many things seem out of bounds. Massage is one of them. For many of us, the idea of stripping off and being rubbed down when sticky heat surrounds us is a bit much. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Yes, you heard that right. Even when the sun is scorching and you can’t keep your cool, summer massage therapy can still be on the table (and so can you – pun intended). The hot weather may present a set of unique challenges, but none are too hard for us to tackle.

If you want to take the time to relax and rejuvenate with massage this summer, here’s how to make the most of it.

Stay Hydrated

The smart way to start is always with hydration. In the heat, our bodies need to replenish our sweat stores faster. Dehydration can be linked to loss of energy, poor digestion, stress, and so much more. So if you want to be able to relax during your massage, increasing your water intake is always the safest way to go.

Stay Hydrated

Dress the Part

Getting a massage isn’t always a time we think of making a fashion statement – and for the right reasons. It’s not about dressing the part in terms of looking good, but more so about dressing appropriately. You’ll want to focus on light, breathable fabrics that can keep you comfortable and allow you to stay cool during your massage.

Protect Your Skin

When the weather warms up, your skin is always at risk. Even in winter, when the sun is shining, harmful UV rays can damage your skin. But when that kicks up a notch, you really have to make sure you’re applying your high-level sunscreen. Apply first thing in the morning before you go about your day, just to make sure you’re covered. Then reapply after your massage to replenish your protection.

Set Up a Cool Space

Now, when it comes to setting up your massage space, you’re always going to want to choose a cool spot. This step is always important, whatever the weather. Creating a soothing massage environment is a must when you want to relax, unwind, and help your body to heal. But in the summer, be sure to pick the coolest room in the house to set up your massage bed. A little breeze will elevate the entire experience.

Set Up a Cool Space

Time it Well

Finally, you should also think about timing it well. If you’re worried about humid heat and want to escape the extreme heat during the day, do so. Sticker to the traditionally cooler times of the day and look to enjoy your massage in the early morning or late evening to beat the heat.

While it may seem like summer massage therapy can put you in a sticky situation, our tried and tested tips will pull you out every single time. So all that’s left to do is pull out your massage bed and follow the steps above. Happy healing!

Grace Olivia Parry is a London-based writer with a penchant for Paris, good food, and fitness. When she’s not writing about the ways of the world, she’s cooking, practicing pilates, or planning her next trip.


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