A woman using both physical therapy and massage to heal.

6 Benefits of Combining Physical Therapy and Massage

Published: 27th Jun, 2023

The recovery process certainly is a journey. Whether you’re out of surgery, coming back from an injury, or managing chronic pain, you’ll always hope for a speedy and seamless recovery. Physical therapy can work wonders for this, particularly when you’re following a customized plan tailored to your healing process. But what if there was something that can enhance your journey? A combination of both physical therapy and massage could certainly offer that.

To help you make an informed decision about the right rehabilitation program for you, drilling down into the benefits is always a good start. So let’s dig into the details behind why massage can enhance the physical therapy process.

Reduced Pain

As you begin to heal, a reduction in pain will always be welcomed. As much as your physical therapy plan will aim to remedy this, the addition of massage may well just speed things along. Using one of our massage beds for pain relief can aid your recovery by reducing minor aches and pains. Our thermogenic acupressure massage can treat back pain specifically, putting you at ease as well as soothing any soreness.

Improved Range of Motion

If making movement easier is on your agenda, massage can provide you with a helping hand here too. As the muscles are massaged, particularly when heat therapy is included, the soft tissues relax, knots are eased, and swelling and inflammation are reduced, allowing you to get closer to your full range of movement once again.

Quicker Recovery

When pain and injury are involved, we all want to be able to heal as quickly as we can – in the safest possible manner. With regular use of our CERAGEM V6, you can relax your mind and body, relieve muscle tension, and enhance your physical therapy process for a speedy recovery.

Improved Stress Management

But massage doesn’t just come with physical benefits. Any healing journey is going to come with its challenges. Whether you’re frustrated with progress, dealing with recovery stresses, or the combination of pain and daily life is mentally exhausting, you’ll benefit from all the relaxation you can get. Massage can aid in this – particularly when included in your treatment plan. As you allow your mind and body to relax, stress can slowly begin to melt away.

Customize Treatment Plans

No recovery process is the same. As you start to heal from injury or surgery or look to manage chronic pain, your plan has to be tailored entirely to your needs. Daily use of a massage bed can be the ideal addition to your treatment plan. By improving circulation, aiding in minor aches and pains, relieving stress, and allowing your muscles to relax, you may find that this is the missing piece in your rehabilitation program.

Improved Overall Health

Ultimately, massage can be an incredible tool to boost your general health and well-being too. By combining physical therapy and massage, both your mind and body benefit. Not only will the recovery process be enhanced, but you may find that improved circulation and pain reduction are welcomed in everyday life too.

It’s safe to say that adding massage to your daily agenda can not only improve the healing process but become a go-to step in your wellness routine too. Head to our showroom today to try the CERAGEM V6 for yourself.

Grace Olivia Parry is a London-based writer with a penchant for Paris, good food, and fitness. When she’s not writing about the finer things in life, she’s cooking, practicing pilates, or planning her next trip.


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