6 Essentials for The Perfect At-home Spa Day

Published: 14th Jun, 2023

Life ebbs and flows. And as much as we all love the highs, the downs can often feel far too draining. Whether it’s work commitments, health issues, relationship dramas, or anything in between, we all need a good pamper from time to time. This is where an at-home spa day comes in.

Not only is it a must for the trying times in life, but it can also become a very valuable tool in your wellness arsenal. But when it comes to nurturing your well-being in the comfort of your own home, it’s always best to go about it in the right way. If you’re ready to relax and enjoy an incredibly indulgent experience, read on. Unwind with these six essentials that will take your in-home spa experience to the next level.

1. CERAGEM V6 Massage Bed

Kicking things off with a bang, of course, we’re going to include our CERAGEM V6 as the ultimate essential. After all, who doesn’t love a therapeutic massage? While our massage beds can be used daily to ease aches and pains, you can also turn to them for a luxurious treat. Make sure that your bed is set up and ready to go, then look to enhance your experience with the following five steps.

2. Calming Music

Music has the power to influence our mood in the most amazing ways. Not only can your favorite tunes take you back to fond memories, they can cheer you up, calm you down, and set the tone for any environment you’re trying to create. As you’re pulling your relaxing setup together, choose a relaxing soundtrack to enhance the mood. No at-home spa day is complete with the soothing sounds to go with it.

3. Mood Lighting

As we start to think about creating the ideal calming atmosphere, we absolutely need to think about the lighting too. Here, dim lighting is always the way to go. Anything too bright might just take away from the mood you’re going for. Think slipping into a soothing slumber over illuminating the space. Lamps, twinkle lights, and candles are just what you need here.

4. Pampering Skincare

With massage therapy under your belt, it’s time to turn your attention to the other treatments you’d love to carry out. If it’s an in-home pampering facial make sure you have your skincare favorites to hand. For a mani-pedi, be sure to choose a dreamy shade of polish – and don’t forget cuticle oil and hand cream for an indulgent finish.

5. Aromatherapy

As everything starts to come together, why not truly spoil your senses with sumptuous scents? Aromatherapy can really enhance any spa-like experience you’re looking to enjoy. Fuelling your diffuser with your favorite oils before the experience begins is the perfect way to set the scene. Whether you go for lavender, jasmine, or ylang-ylang, allow your mind and body to let go with every single breath.

6. Healthy Snacks

And if you always look forward to a luxurious lunch during your spa stays, make sure to recreate this step at home. Bringing in healthy snacks and drinks could really give your at-home spa day a gratifying finish. Nourish yourself from the inside out with herbal tea or detox water and nibble on skin-feeding foods for a fully holistic wellness experience.

To find out more about our massage beds and bring them into your wellness routine, why not give one a try today?

Grace Olivia Parry is a London-based writer with a penchant for Paris, good food, and fitness. When she’s not writing about the finer things in life, she’s cooking, practicing pilates, or planning her next trip.


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