How a Massage Bed Can Improve Your Circulation

Published: 17th Jan, 2023

Good circulation is essential for maintaining overall health. It helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells, remove waste and toxins, and regulate body temperature. Poor circulation, however, can lead to a range of serious health problems. Does massage help circulation? Definitely. Let’s explore how massages and massage beds can improve circulation and promote well-being.

How Does Massage Help Circulation?

Circulation refers to the movement of blood throughout the body. It is the process by which the blood travels through the blood vessels to deliver oxygen, nutrients and hormones to the body’s cells and remove waste and toxins. The circulatory system, on the other hand, is the body system that is responsible for circulation. It consists of the heart, blood vessels, and blood.

Research shows that massage has many physiological effects that can improve circulation. These effects include increased vasodilation and capillarization and improved venous return. Vasodilation is the widening of blood vessels, bringing them closer to the skin’s surface. When smooth muscle lining the blood vessels relaxes during a massage, blood pressure reduces and restriction decreases. This process allows more blood to flow through the vessels, improving circulation as the blood is transported around the body at a faster rate.

Capillarization increases the number of capillaries surrounding a muscle. The increase in blood vessels allows for greater blood flow to the muscles and improves the transfer of oxygen and nutrients from the blood to the muscles. More oxygen and nutrient availability to the muscles leads to better muscle health and energy.

Massage can also boost circulation by increasing venous return, the rate of blood flow back toward the heart. Better venous return helps both blood and lymphatic circulation. It allows for more efficient removal of metabolic waste products and excess fluid in the body. Increased lymphatic circulation also helps to remove toxins and other byproducts from the muscles. 

Massage beds emulate the techniques of massage therapists to stimulate the muscles and improve circulation. These methods work by manipulating the soft tissues of the body, including the muscles, tendons and ligaments. They can help to relax the muscles and increase blood flow.

Beyond the benefits of circulation, massage beds can reduce stress, relieve anxiety, improve sleep, and provide pain relief. These benefits are due to the effects of massage on the body’s nervous and musculoskeletal systems.

The Benefits of Good Circulation

Ensuring optimal blood flow is vital for preserving general health and wellness. Optimal circulation has a number of specific benefits including:

  • Improved brain function: Adequate blood flow to the brain is essential for optimal brain function.
  • Stronger immune system: Good circulation helps to deliver immune cells throughout the body, helping to fight off infections and diseases (Harvard Health Publishing, 2021).
  • Healthier skin: Adequate blood flow to the skin helps to keep it healthy and vibrant. Poor circulation can lead to dry, dull, or discolored skin (Harvard Health Publishing, 2021).
  • Pain relief: Massage and other therapies that improve circulation can help to alleviate muscle pain and tension (Mayo Clinic, 2021).

The Risks of Poor Circulation

Poor blood circulation can lead to a range of health problems, such as fatigue, muscle cramps and even organ damage. Several factors can contribute to poor circulation, including inactivity, obesity, high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, heart problems and peripheral arterial disease (PAD) (Mayo Clinic, 2021). Symptoms of poor circulation can include:

  • Cold hands and feet: Poor circulation can cause the extremities, such as the hands and feet, to feel cold to the touch.
  • Cognitive issues: Problems with memory and concentration.
  • Fluid buildup: Swelling in the legs and ankles
  • Tingling or numbness in the hands and feet.
  • Muscle cramps, especially in the legs.
  • Varicose veins which are swollen, twisted veins that are visible under the skin.
  • Fatigue: The body is not getting enough oxygen and nutrients.
  • Skin changes: Poor circulation can lead to dry, pale, or discolored skin.

Can Massage Beds Help Circulation for People with Underlying Conditions?

It’s important to note that massage should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment for underlying conditions that might include a blood clotting disorder, fever or an infection. Massage can be a helpful complement to medical treatment, but it’s vital to work with your healthcare provider to develop a treatment plan that is appropriate for you. This plan may include medications, lifestyle changes and other therapies such as massage.

Improve Circulation with a CERAGEM Massage Bed

CERAGEM is at the forefront of innovative massage bed development. Our research and development team has taken massage techniques employed by traditional massage therapists one step further. CERAGEM master models have received US Food and Drug Administration 510K Class II approval as well as European Medical Device CE Approval.

Our patented spinal scanner technology in the CERAGEM V6 measures spinal length and curvature and analyzes body weight. Specialized heated massage rollers automatically adjust their vertical location to provide a seamless acupressure massage. We’ve integrated full-body thermal therapy and the air cell massager provides repetitive pneumatic inflation and deflation to help boost blood circulation.

We invite you to browse our massage beds and learn how CERAGEM massage beds deliver the ultimate massage experience.

Evidence Proves Massage Improves Circulation

We’ve demonstrated that scientific evidence points to the benefits of massage for blood circulation. CERAGEM massage beds are designed to provide users with a customized massage that can relax the muscles, increase blood flow to the extremities, and improve venous return. By regularly incorporating massage bed sessions into your self-care routine, you can enjoy the many benefits of massage therapy without the hassle of scheduling appointments or traveling to a massage therapist’s office.

Explore our range of CERAGEM products. You’ll never look back.


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