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5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Massage Chair or Bed

Published: 3rd Jan, 2023

You’re excited to embrace the at-home wellness trend and invest in an at-home massage chair or bed, but you’re not sure which one to choose. With so many models and options available, it’s important to sift through the noise and select one that offers personalization and exceptional quality. Here are the six things you should consider when choosing a massage table or bed to boost your well-being and care for your body at home.

1. Personalization Matters When Choosing the Right Massage Chair or Bed

Every massage chair or bed has different settings, but high-quality models offer specific options to make the massage perfectly suited to your unique body. Investing in a massage chair or bed that simply vibrates and pushes on your body won’t give you the benefits of a high-quality model. Instead, look for models that offer the settings below:

  • Body scanning technology to cater to your unique spinal length and curvature
  • Massage settings that mimic an in-person therapeutic massage such as acupressure 
  • The ability to choose a specific vertebra or spinal area for the massage to focus on
  • Adjustable intensity with multiple settings rather than just low, medium, and high

The key to choosing the right massage chair or bed is to find a model that mimics the hands of a real massage therapist. This means models must offer as much personalization and specificity as possible. If your massage chair or bed doesn’t offer specificity, you won’t use it as it won’t be comfortable for your unique body. If you’re not sure if the model you’ve found is right for you, contact the brand and ask if they offer the features above.

2. Look for FDA-Approved Claims to Ensure Your Massage Chair or Bed Works

When you’re investing in your well-being, you want to make sure you spend money on interventions that work. Thanks to the popularity of the at-home wellness trend, some great massage chair, and bed brands now offer products that boast FDA-approved claims. The CERAGEM V4 and CERAGEM V6 massage beds are examples: They’re classified as ‘FDA cleared Class II medical devices.’ Their FDA-approved claims include

  • Temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pains
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Relaxation of muscles

Very few massage chairs and beds offer FDA-approved claims. So when you do find a massage chair or bed with FDA-approved claims, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your investment will work to make your body feel its best.

3. Consider How Much Space the Massage Chair or Bed Takes Up When It’s Not In Use

Even the comfiest massage beds and chairs won’t work in your home if they look ugly and take up too much room when not in use. Look for a model that offers a sleek, minimalist design and can be folded away into something useful when you’re not enjoying a massage. High-quality massage beds can often be slid away into a functional bench to provide seating for you and your family when they’re not in use. This means you don’t need to hide the massage bed away, leaving it in a space you use often such as your lounge room. With the massage bed neatly slid into a bench, you’ll see it more often ensuring you use it regularly, leaving your body feeling better plus helping you get your money’s worth from your investment in your wellbeing.

4. Is the Massage Position Comfortable For Regular Massages?

Many massage chairs place the user on an awkward angle, which isn’t comfortable for long-term use. This is where massage beds come in. After all, if you’ve experienced a spa massage, did you relax more when you were sitting or lying down? The answer is lying down.

When you lie down, your postural muscles and your core can relax. Your neck and shoulders can soften and your jaw can release. These areas where we hold tension soften in supine, allowing the massage bed to work its magic throughout your body. A massage bed is more versatile than a chair too, as it allows you to use your massage bed to prepare for sleep. By adding a supine warming, full-body massage to your nighttime routine, you’re adding an extra, powerful step to enhance your sleep hygiene, leading to better sleep.

5. Heat Therapy Is a Must When Choosing the Right Massage Chair or Bed

Did you know combining heat and massage creates biological changes to reduce stress? While everyday people have always loved combining warmth and massage, the science was limited. However, one study investigated the effects that combining massage and heat had on the autonomic nervous system of 139 people. The study found that combining heat and massage created:

  • A significant decrease in serum cortisol levels (a stress hormone) after 2 weeks
  • A significant drop in plasma norepinephrine levels (a neurotransmitter that makes your heart race and blood pressure rise) after 4 weeks
  • Autonomic nerve conduction showed a drop in amplitude at 4 weeks

The three measures above indicate the level of stress your body is under at any one time. Lowering these measures shows the powerful ability the combination of heat and massage can have on your body’s biological stress response. Studies like the one above show why your massage chair or bed must have the option to add warmth and heat to your massage.

Choosing the Right Massage Chair or Bed with CERAGEM

Investing in a massage chair or bed for your home is a powerful step towards better health and well-being. When choosing the right model for you, consider the five points above. Choosing a high-quality option that offers personalization, warmth, comfort and sleek design helps ensure you use it regularly to reap the wellness benefits. This will help you move and feel brighter while enhancing your home with a powerful well-being tool.

Learn more about CERAGEM today.

Caitlin Reid is a writer and practicing health professional. She is passionate about sharing health and wellness information to help everyday people move better and feel brighter.

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