Human Touch Massage Chairs vs. Ceragem: Which One Reigns Supreme? 

Published: 24th Oct, 2023

You’ve been longing for a massage chair for a long time. You’ve patiently combed the internet searching for the right chair, the one that will change your life, alleviate the tension ravaging your shoulders, relieve your aching and throbbing back pain, unblock your third eye, and make you happy and whole again.

And now, here you are, faced with two of the most respected massage chair brands on the planet—and you still don’t know what to do. Ultimately the choice comes down to personal preference.

The stress of this decision is probably making you tense up even more. Lucky for you and your developing knots, we’re here to help you make an informed decision.

So before you turn yourself into a giant walking stress ball, let’s dive into the pros and cons of these two high-performance massage chairs and see what they can do to ease your body and mind while promoting a lifetime of wellness.

*Spoiler alert: For those of you who can’t wait for the results, CERAGEM wins this battle.  

Human Touch Massage Chair 

  1. Customizable Massage Features

Human Touch massage chairs offer a wide range of massage techniques and intensities that can be customized to your preferences, allowing you to target specific areas of your body for intense relief and relaxation.

2. Realistic Feel/Touch

It should be no surprise that a chair called “Human Touch” tries to be just that. Human Touch chairs are designed to mimic the feel of human hands, providing a natural, soothing, and grounding experience.

3. Technology

Human Touch chairs include some nifty tech, including body scanning capabilities, zero-gravity positioning, and heat therapy to enhance your massage experience by identifying sore areas and providing natural comfort.

4. Durability

Human Touch is known for their high-quality materials and craftsmanship—so you’re getting a great product built to last.

5. Reputable Brand

You’ve probably heard of them. That’s because Human Touch is a well-known and respected brand in the massage chair industry, with a history of producing quality products. In short—they’ve been around the massage table a few times.

Keep in Mind

 1. High Cost

Human Touch massage chairs tend to be more expensive compared to many other brands, so ensuring effectiveness is key before investing your money. 

2. Space Requirements

Human Touch chairs run large—so you need to make sure you have room in your office/studio/home before you go all in. 

3. Aesthetics

Most massage chairs are built for massage—but not for beauty. Human Touch chairs may be difficult to blend in naturally with your home décor and interior design concepts. 

CERAGEM Massage Beds and Chairs 

1. Thermal Acupressure

CERAGEM massage chairs use a unique combination of thermal therapy and acupressure to promote relaxation and improve circulation for unparalleled recovery and balance.

2. Automatic Programs

CERAGEM chairs typically come with pre-programmed massage routines that target various areas of the body, and are also fully customizable for your own special treatment needs.

3. Affordable

The best in class and the best in price. Many CERAGEM models may be more budget-friendly compared to Human Touch chairs, yet are built with the highest technology and therapeutic science to back up their performance. 

4. Potential Health Benefits

Many CERAGEM users report relief from back pain, improved sleep, and reduced stress levels when using their massage chairs on a regular basis. Plus, we’re FDA, CE, and CFDA-approved.

5. Peace and Quiet

Your auditory environment plays a key role in enhancing the relaxation and therapeutic benefits of massage therapy. That’s why CERAGEM massage chairs are engineered for near-silent operation. The goal is to create a peaceful, calming soundscape that complements the massage experience.

When receiving a massage, soft, gentle background sounds promote deeper relaxation compared to loud, jarring noises. Quiet, natural tones like soft music or nature sounds shift the nervous system into a parasympathetic state optimal for stress relief. Conversely, sudden or abrasive noises trigger the fight-or-flight response – tensing muscles and raising heart rate and blood pressure.

In the tranquility of CERAGEM’s whisper-quiet massage chairs and beds, you can fully surrender to relaxation. Without mechanized noise interference, you can tune into more subtle auditory cues like gentle music or the soothing motions of the massage. This envelops you in multi-sensory calm. The quiet soundscape also enables mental clarity and inner focus – allowing your mind and body to be present in the massage without distraction. 

6. Superior Design

Want your massage chair to match your design aesthetic? CERAGEM chairs come in an array of trending colors with black walnut accents and real cowhide leather to seamlessly blend with your interior spaces. 

7. D.Core True Shiatsu Action Function

The D.Core Cirrus is the Lamborghini of massage chairs developed by renowned Japanese massage therapist Dr. Takehiro Izawa, and Soschu Inada, Japanese massage chair expert. Plus, you get forearm and calf wave arrays for a full body massage that no other chair on planet earth can replicate or produce.   

Keep in Mind

1. Cost

CERAGEM creates the finest massage chairs on the planet. We utilize medical research, technology, and advanced therapeutic methods to ensure you get the optimal pain relief and relaxation you’re looking for in your investment.

2. Availability

CERAGEM products are available at brick-and-mortar showrooms, our website and Amazon. We offer a generous return policy and have a friendly and knowledgeable customer service team to massage you through all your questions so you can choose the perfect chair or bed for you!

While Human Touch is one of the most respected massage chair companies out there, us here at CERAGEM have taken massage technology and therapy to another level. But know this—no matter what massage chair you get, soon you’ll be reaping all the relaxing rewards of better sleep, less pain, enhanced blood circulation, and peace of mind that comes with sitting down and taking a little time to unwind therapeutically.

Visit CERAGEM to see our full range of available products.