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The Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage

Published: 28th Mar, 2023

There’s nothing quite like a massage. Whether it’s medical, medicinal, or mental, we’d all love to find an excuse to squeeze in a massage as often as we can. But whether you’re looking for the physical or psychological benefits of a deep rub down, there’s one type of massage that takes both to a whole new level.

Aromatherapy and massage are a match made in heaven. But is there more to using heavenly scents than just the glorious smell? The scents science suggests so! When you’re next looking to book for a Swedish massage or hop on your CERAGEM V6, it could be worthwhile to bring along a little addition. Let’s discover the key essential oils and why they work so well.

How Aromatherapy Aids Massage Therapy

Known as the use of essential oils for health and wellness, aromatherapy uses scent to heal. More specifically, the aromatic extracts of certain plants – think lavender and eucalyptus – are thought to boost both mental and physical health. In most cases, this would be through diffusing them into the air or applying them topically when diluted down. When we see massage as a form of healing, the idea of adding aromas into the mix serves to amplify the benefits.

Let’s take lavender, widely known to be the OG oil for relaxation. From supporting sleep to easing anxiety, this versatile scent would be combined with massage for a relaxing effect. Adding it to the air to set the scene for your next massage could create a more calming experience.

It’s safe to say that more research needs to be done in the area. But from what we know of both massage and the effects of essential oils so far, combining the two is a soothing recipe for self-care.

Use Aromatherapy for Anxiety with Stress-Busting Scents

So we’ve touched on why lavender is so special, but let’s dig into the idea of aromatherapy massage for stress and anxiety more specifically. After all, we live in a society where anxiety rates are higher than ever, so any tweaks to try to reduce our stress levels are always welcomed. 

Alongside lavender, valerian, jasmine, and chamomile are all strong contenders to consider when combating stress. Yet to reap an abundance of the benefits, you might want to perfect your at-home setup first.

A Personalized Approach to an At-Home Aromatherapy Massage

Any good in-spa experience will come with a customized massage. Tailormade tunes set the tone, while a list of massage types and oils is available to target your specific ailment. So why not treat yourself to the same at home? Simply add an oil diffuser to your designated wellness room and allow the aromas to soothe you during your holistic at-home massage. 

Enhance the experience by adding your chosen oils to a body lotion afterward, allowing your mind and body to benefit from the same scent for hours to come. Yet, which aroma should you opt for?

The Best Scents for a Calming Experience

When you want to create an aura of zen in your wellness space, your go-to essential oil counts. We’ve touched on a few to take note of, but let’s take a look at them in more detail.

  • Lavender: This calming oil is known for its sedative effect, making it the perfect scent for nighttime treatments that send you into a slumber.
  • Valerian: Also another popular sleep aid, valerian is the perfect aroma to encourage sleep and create a sense of calm during your massage.
  • Jasmine: Often used in teas, this scent is ideal for calming the nervous system without the sleepy feeling – just what you need for a stress-relieving massage.
  • Chamomile: Another popular tea ingredient, chamomile is praised for promoting relaxation and comes with a sedative effect making it great for evening use.

Massage Beds and Aromatherapy

Whether you like to sip on, breathe in, or lather up with your chosen relaxing scent, when it’s time to try out your next in-home massage, give it an aromatherapy twist. All that’s left for you to do is pick your poison and pair it with your go-to bed for an unforgettable spa-like experience. 

The CERAGEM V6 is a unique in-home massage bed because it combines acupressure, deep-tissue massage, stretching, and hot stone therapy all in one. With patented scanning technology that analyzes your exact spinal length and curvature, the CERAGEM V6 adjusts to your measurements to provide a customized massage while applying intensive thermal therapy at a soothing and deeply penetrating 149°F. At the same time, compression boots worn on your legs improve circulation, which can be especially helpful for runners or anyone experiencing muscle fatigue. 

Cleared by the FDA as a Class II medical device, the CERAGEM V6 can be used before and after your massage whether you’re trying to relieve soreness or stress. Learn more about how massage can help you meet your fitness goals today.

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Grace Olivia Parry is a London-based writer with a penchant for Paris, good food, and fitness. When she’s not writing about the finer things in life, she’s cooking, practicing pilates, or planning her next trip.


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