A woman applying pressure to her neck and lower back because she is in pain

The Benefits of a Thermal Massage for Pain Relief

Published: 13th Nov, 2022

By Jane Meggitt

There are many benefits of a thermal massager, and pain relief is among the most prominent. Who can benefit from a thermal massage? Nearly everyone! Read on to learn how.

What is a Thermal Massager?

Our thermal massager combines heat and pressure to mimic what you would expect to experience when you visit a massage therapist.

At Ceragem, our patented Automatic Therapeutic Thermal Massager utilizes spinal scanning technology which enables us to give a curated massage to each user. It is an FDA-cleared Class II medical device.

You can benefit from a thermal massager if any of the following applies:

  • You stand or sit all day.
  • You struggle with text neck from constantly looking down at devices or books.
  • House chores and cleaning cause aches and pains.
  • You struggle with any type of back or muscle pain.

How Does a Thermal Massage Relieve Pain?

A thermal massage provides comprehensive spinal care management. Keep in mind that the spine consists of

  • 7 cervical vertebrae
  • 12 thoracic vertebrae
  • 5 lumbar vertebrae

Each spinal nerve is connected to our body organs. For instance, the lumbar vertebrae are connected with the large intestine, appendix, abdomen, genitals, prostate, lower back muscles, calves and feet.The Ceragem V6 provides an all-in-one method to soothe your back and spine. Use the V6 in lieu of other devices.

Thermal Massage Pain Relief

The Ceragem V4 and V6 are cleared by the FDA to help:

  • Temporary relief of minor joint pain
  • Temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain stiffness
  • Temporary increase in local circulation in areas to which it is applied
  • Muscle relaxation

In addition, our thermal massagers are designed for daily physical and mental care. The benefits of a thermal massager include stress relief, relaxation and restoration, and muscle tension relief. Our thermal massager can help you regain energy and vitality! It’s your everyday answer to recharge!

Alternative Medicine and the V4 and V6

Complementary medicine used in conjunction with the V4 and V6 includes

  • Chiropractic–Realigning the spine to smooth muscles and nerves.
  • Stone therapy–Preventing and improving painful conditions through heat therapy.
  • Thermotherapy–Pain relief and blood circulation improvement via heat.
  • Acupressure–Pain management by applying pressure to the body.
  • Massage–Improving health with steady physical excitation.

You receive all of the benefits of these alternative medicines in the comfort of your own home with the V4 and V6!

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Jane Meggitt’s work has appeared in dozens of publications, including USA Today, Zack’s, Financial Advisor, nj.com, The Houston Chronicle, and The Nest. She is a graduate of New York University.