A shiatsu massage chair.

Shiatsu Massage Chairs: The Ultimate Guide of Benefits

Published: 17th Oct, 2023

Shiatsu massage. You’ve probably heard of it, but you may not know the benefits and effectiveness of the healthful therapeutic practice. In case you’re in the dark, Shiatsu massage is a traditional Japanese healing therapy invented in the 1920s but rooted in ancient Anma massage that utilizes finger, palm, and thumb pressure on meridians and energy pathways throughout the body to promote holistic wellness and relaxation. These meridians correspond to organs and systems and when properly engaged through massage, balance the body’s energy flow.

If you’re thinking you’d like to indulge in a little Shiatsu recharge and recalibration, it may be interesting to know that nowadays you can receive advanced Shiatsu massage therapy…from a technologically advanced massage chair.

That’s right—you don’t have to make an appointment, drop a ton of cash, stress out on the commute, or worry about tight scheduling. Instead, just sit down and allow the chair to apply rhythmic pressure to your sore joints, stretch you out to open up muscles, and rub you into a deep relaxation that’ll make you purr like a kitten in the comfort of your own home.

But choosing the right Shiatsu massage chair can be daunting. In order to find the right massage chair or bed for your lifestyle and therapeutic needs, it’s important to do a little research and take a dive into what your body and your budget are looking for.

Here are a few easy steps to finding the perfect Shiatsu massage chair for you.

Make Sure It’s Authentic

Just because it says it offers Shiatsu massage doesn’t mean it actually delivers Shiatsu massage. Make sure the chair you’re eyeing has rollers or nodes that mimic finger and palm pressure, and also make sure you can adjust the settings for the ideal amount of pressure. Shiatsu massage is a delicate practice that requires just the right touch for optimal balance and relief. Take the time to read reviews and/or even ask a specialist what they recommend—it’ll save you a whole lot of tension in the long run.  

Make Sure It Rubs You the Right Way

 Many massage chairs don’t have the capability of soothing all parts of your body. Some focus on back and neck, others on calf and torso. By investing in a Shiatsu massage chair that provides full body massage from feet, to calves, to neck, to forearms, you’re investing in better care for yourself, which will drastically affect your overall well-being and recovery.  

Find a Chair With Lots of Programs 

Shiatsu massage uses a variety of different techniques to apply pressure to trouble spots. So, you need a chair that uses a variety of different techniques to work out your trouble spots. Find a chair that includes kneading, tapping, rolling, and other Shiatsu-based techniques so you can unwind, relax, and recover quickly.  

Look for the Latest Technology

Massage chairs aren’t like they used to be. They don’t just vibrate or heat up—they adjust to your body for a deep therapeutic experience. In fact, the D.Core Cirrus uses body-scanning technology to adjust to your body’s specific contours to provide a customized massage experience. It’s like having your own Shiatsu masseuse right in the room with you. 

Prioritize Air Compression

Looking for better circulation + relaxation? Get yourself an airbag system that gently squeezes and stretches for enhanced loosening of tight and sore muscles.

Go Zero Gravity

There’s a time and place for zero gravity—space and a Shiatsu massage chair. Zero gravity recliners elevate your legs slightly above your heart to enhance circulation and improve overall comfort and relaxation.  

Be In Control

There are a lot of massage chairs out there that cause more tension than they can relieve. Find a massage chair that’s user-friendly with a control panel, voice activation, or remote control to easily adjust to your desired position and customize your programs and intensity.  

Invest in Quality

Build quality is essential to a long-lasting device. Go with a reputable company like CERAGEM with a reputation for high-quality, therapeutic massage chairs and beds. Remember—a masseuse every month, week, or day can cost you a fortune. The right massage chair offers the same therapy at a lower price point over a vast amount of time no matter how expensive the model is. 

Listen to the Vibrations

Reviews are key when it comes to big purchases—especially purchases that affect your well-being. Read up on reviews, take note of the features you like (and dislike), and find the massage chair that will ease you into a life of leisure (or at least 60 minutes of leisure).

Now you have everything you need to go out and find the perfect Shiatsu massage chair that will change your mental and physical health while providing you with years of therapeutic bliss. Or you can end your search and look right here. We like to make things easy on you.