Amy M. Visited West Hollywood store - CERAGEM

Amy M. Visited West Hollywood store

It’s an impressive showroom, the largest in the US. Got a quick session on the V6 bed (includes recovery boots). You can walk in or book a complimentary massage session 36-40 min to reserve your spot. The heated rollers that go up and down your spine will make you feel brand new.

While you’re there or waiting for coffee/tea you should try the luxurious massage chairs. My favorite is the D.Core chair which is a collaboration with another company. You’ll feel a lot of vibration and good pressure around your feet & calves & hands, not just your spine & sit bones. The Ceragem massage chair does the back of the scalp really well and has nice vibrations.

There is plenty of parking and I’ll be back to try the cafe items like the Korean teas.

Rating: 5 out of 5.