CERAGEM Los Angeles Grand Opening
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A smarter medical appliance for the human spine.


Introducing the Ceragem V4, the FDA cleared in-home Thermal Massage Bed.
Featuring patented smart technology that provides a fully customizable massage experience with premium features to help relieve muscle and joint pain in the comfort of your own home. It’s time to start taking your spinal health seriously, and the V4 is the right place to start.

CERAGEM V4, the FDA Cleared Automatic Thermal Massager

4 Indications for Use

Temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain stiffness

Temporary relief of minor joint pain associated with arthritis

Temporary increase in local circulation where applied

Relaxation of muscle

SPINAL CARE - from the neck to the lower back.

A home-use medical device.
The CERAGEM V4 offers comfort and relief.

Core Features of the CERAGEM V4

User body shape scanning
for a customized experience
17 Pre-programmed massage modes
Master mode
Choose the vertebrae or area of massage for targeted relief
Adjustable Massage Intensity
9 step strength control
Powerful, Thermal Massage
Up to 149°F
Heated massager
Up to 140°F
massage experience

Spinal Scanning for a Customized Massage

Everyone’s spine is different. CERAGEM’s patented SPINAL SCANNING technology analyzes and recognizes these differences to provide users a customized massage, tailored to the user’s unique body and “spinal line”. The user’s spinal length, distribution of weight, and degree of spinal curvature and flexion are analyzed and the distinct location of your vertebrae are mapped for a personalized spinal massage experience.

17 Massage Options


Master Mode

Master Mode provides a targeted massage option. Users can identify specific vertebrae and areas for concentrated thermal massage therapy.

Follows the SPINAL LINE

Adjustable Strength Control
Multi-Dimensional Massage

Heated massage rollers automatically adjust in height to accommodate every user’s unique “spinal line” the degree of curvature and flexion of the user’s spine, weight distribution along the spine, and spinal length.

Adjustable Massage Intenstity

9-Level Intensity Control

Users can choose from 9 levels of intensity to adjust massage strength-from gentle to robust.

Spinal Focus

149°F Concentrated Heat

The V4’s heated massage rollers apply concentrated heat-up to 149°F-along the user’s spine. Additional heating elements within the V4’s main body and auxiliary mat provide a whole-body warming effect.

Concentrated Heat opt
Heated massager - up to 140°F

Heated massager

The additional heated massager can be placed over the abdomen and other body parts to provide direct heat and massage to the area of your choice.

V4 heated massager
Relaxation and Comfort


Allow sounds of nature, classical or functional
music to accompany you on your journey of relaxation-made available through CERAGEM
sound’s collection of 20 pre-installed audio pieces.


Voice Guidance Function

Real-time narration provides the user with audio assistance in the operation of the V4. Gentle vocal guidance notifies the user of the massage apparatus’s journey along the spine for greater control and convenience. The remote control’s backlit color LCD and user-friendly icons make the CERAGEM V4 easier to use in light and dark conditions.

Convertible, Multi-Function Design

PATENTED Sliding Design

The V4’s patented sliding function facilitates easy conversion from a full-length massage bed to a discreet ottoman.  It’s clean, modern, and sophisticated look will harmonize with your home’s living room, bedrooms, study.


Who might benefit from the use of a CERAGEM V4?

Recommended use: 40 minutes, daily


ANYONE who sits or stands all day


ANYONE with aches and pains from cleaning and house chores


ANYONE suffering from “text neck”-neck pain from looking down at books or devices too often


ANYONE struggling with muscle or back pain


* Pictures shown may differ from the actual product due to product enhancement. Some product specifications and accessories may be changed at any time based on improvement and other reasons.​