Ceragem contributes to improving the quality of life by
providing reliable, innovative products and services to customers around the world.

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the ceragem brand

A global innovative home healthcare company

Ceragem contributes to improving the quality of life by providing reliable, innovative products and services to customers around the world who pursue a healthy and beautiful life

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Our guiding principles for exceptional home healthcare solutions

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Due to our exceptional customer support, ensuring that every client's needs are effectively addressed is highly important to us. Our commitment to reliability means customers can consistently depend on us for high-quality products and services.


Our team excels in providing personalized support, striving to positively impact our customers' wellness and happiness. With service centers available for all concerns, we ensure comprehensive assistance and satisfaction


We conduct ourselves with honesty and professionalism, taking full responsibility for our actions while maintaining the highest standards. Additionally, our showrooms across the US provides everyone with the opportunity to experience our products firsthand.


Our company pioneers innovation by integrating thermal therapy and other cutting-edge wellness techniques to enhance health and well-being.

“Our ultimate goal is to deliver the best home healthcare products the family can enjoy together”

"Ceragem has expanded overseas to a total of 70 countries, and we will realize the spirit of Ceragem in the wider world with the hope of humanity."

Ceragem can be found anywhere in the world through Ceragem's solid global network. Operating in over 70 countries with more than 2,500 branches and 600,000 daily visitors, Ceragem's success is a testament to its innovative spirit and relentless passion.

These impressive achievements showcase Ceragem's impact as a global healthcare company.

Awards & recognition


59th Trade Day Government Award


Korea International Trade Association


Korea First Brand Award


Korea Consumer Forum Association


No. #1 In Brand Power, Korea


Korea Management Association


Red Dot Design Award


Nordheim-Westphalia Design Center

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